Member’s eligibility:

  • Customer has to spend a min. $150 in a single receipt  or $300 within 3 months
  • Existing Loyalty card with 6 stamps are entitled to join our rewards programs



Q:   If I intend to keep the receipt for 3 months but my receipt prints does not last long how do I keep track my purchase

A:    You may take an image on your phone and use it as a proof of your purchases, as long as the receipt is able to show the date and the receipt number.

Q:   Does the rewards programme have any expired date or will my points be renewed?

A:   There is absolutely no expired date and it does not need to renew yearly.

Q:   Will I receive any card for the Rewards Programme?

A:   Unfortunately, our rewards programme does not issue cards for our members.

Q:   How do you verify my accounts?

A:   Your current mobile phone will be used to verify your account.

Q: Will the accumulated points be misused?

A: Upon confirmation on the mobile phone numbers, we also would verify other information to ensure that the points will not be misused.

Q: How do I know how much points do I have currently.  Would I be able to check it online?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an online platform for our customer to check their points online. But on the latest purchase receipt there will be your name and points earned.  If you do need to know urgently, kindly drop an email to us: [email protected] with your name, mobile number and date of birth for verification purpose.

Q: How many points do I need to earn to obtain credit voucher?

A: The current rates are 200 points = $10 Credit voucher, however there are cases where by special occasion the rates will be better.

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Q: Can I continue to use the existing loyalty card (Every $50 per stamp earned)?

A: Yes you may. After the loyalty card is being used up, you could choose to either start a new card or choose not to continue.

Q: Who should I contact with, if I have updated my mobile number and details?

A: Kindly visit any of our outlets and inform our staff on the changes and it will be updated immediately or kindly drop an email to us: [email protected] with your name, mobile number and date of birth for verification purpose.  Please allow min. seven working days for the update via email process.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Loyalty cards discount is not in conjunction with any of in-store discount or promotion;

    • Every $50 spent = 1 stamp;
    • Loyalty cards or stamps are non-transferable;
    • Discount is only available on the next purchase;
    • One card per purchase above SGD$50.00;
  • Rewards programme:

    • Customer would need to inform our staff at the cashier that they are in the rewards programme before making the purchase / upon payment;
    • Only ONE credit voucher per transaction;
    • Points accumulated are non-transferable;
    • One mobile phone per customer;
    • Points used are not refundable;
    • No expiration date;
    • Insufficient points accumulated are not allowed to redeem at any point of time;
    • Accumulated points can only be use to offset the next purchase;


Data privacy

Personal information made available to DIOPHY is done so voluntarily, with member’s knowledge and consent when making a request, submission or registration for services at DIOPHY. Registration form contains mandatory fields.

DIOPHY will, to its best knowledge, ensure that members’ information is kept secure at all times and may provide such information to its agent, contractor or third party service provider in connection with the operation of its business or any person under a duty of confidentiality to DIOPHY. The personal information made available by members will be used to provide the requested services and may be used both for marketing research purposes relating to DIOPHY’s business and to provide information relating to its products and events.


Without prejudice to any of DIOPHY’s rights, DIOPHY may at any time, at its absolute discretion, and without prior reason or notice, change or terminate this Loyalty card or Rewards program or withdraw, cancel, and reserves the rights to amend the terms & conditions.