About Us



The mission of DIOPHY is to provide good quality and fashionable products to customers forever.


The value of DIOPHY is the capability to adapt and diversify, in the ever changing environment that constantly requires new and innovative design to attract customers and introduce new products that is affordable to targeted customers.

“DIOPHY – design, manufactures quality and fashionable handbag”

DIOPHY was established in the Los Angeles since 2002.  It offers boutique stores quality and amazing assortments of elegant handbags.

It is the mission of DIOPHY to be a part of the fashion forward community and expand the brand in Asia, providing good quality and in trend accessories to customers. In an ever changing environment that constantly requires new and innovative design to attract customers, DIOPHY has the capability to adapt, diversify and introduce new products that meet our customer’s expectation at competitive pricing.

  • We pride ourselves as a brand immaculate in its material selection, hardware combination and up to date changing trends for the types of handbag.
  • We create their own line of handbags and accessories. With passion and conviction,
  • We offer a range of quality handbags at competitive pricing for all customers. Till date, the brand has becomes one of the most trustworthy brand in Los Angeles.

This brand is proud to announce to having its first flagship store in Singapore.


Being one of the biggest factories in fashion handbag industries; Consisting of more than 1,000 staffs and facilities covers more than 30,000 sqm.

DIOPHY_Exhibition_1             DIOPHY_Exhibition_2

In our factory’s exhibition hall, this has displayed the latest design and materials.

The design team often travels to Europe and other fashionable countries to observe the latest fashion trends in handbags design and materials.

Each and every one of our staffs from our factory are well-trained for their skills, we are confident to produce quality goods but affordable price point to our customers.